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"It is the mission of Harwood Union High School to provide an educational and creative environment in which every person is valued as an individual, challenged as a learner and inspired to contribute to a democratic society. As a professional learning organization of all academic departments, we are prepared to work together in order to provide a unique and personalized learning experience for all students."

Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Stephanie Alfaro-White Special Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8179
Becky Allen Math Teacher
Contact 802-583-8291
Kyla Allon Instructional Assistant
Brian Anderson Instructional Assistant
Lisa Atwood Principal
Contact 802-583-8162
Amanda Badgley School Nurse
Contact 802-583-8151
Ellen Berrings Employment/Transition Specialist and Advisory/PLP Coordinator
Contact 802-583-8147
Andrew Bishop Math Teacher
Contact 802-583-8258
Katelyn Bouffard Math Teacher
Contact 802-583-8288
Peggy Braman Admin. Asst. for Student Services
Contact 802-583-8172
Carley Brown Science teacher
Contact 802-583-8264
Ellen Bruneau Paraeducator
Rebecca Busker Special Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8134
Sarah Butler Math Teacher
Contact 802-583-8295
Katherine Cadwell Rowland Foundation Fellow
Contact 802-583-8279
Marilyn Cameron Food Service Assistant
Tara Cariano School Counselor
Rebecca Ciampi Instructional Assistant
Zachary Clements STEM Math Teacher
Contact 802-583-8303
Lynda Cummings Paraeducator
Jodie Curran Special Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8156
Ray Daigle Director of Facilities
Contact 802-583-8174
Jessica Deane Science Teacher
Contact 802-583-8275
Ben DeBenedictis Physical Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8135
Celia Dehais Library Assistant
Erin Dezell School Counselor
Contact 802-583-8149
Jennifer Dreimiller School Counselor - Middle School
Contact 802-583-8155
Jane Dudley School Counselor
Contact 802-583-8152
Jasmine Eagan Nurse
Contact 802-583-8151
Jeannie Ellis Special Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8153
Evelyn Ferris Paraeducator
Lissa Fox Cooperative/Vocational Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8269
Melody Frank Director of Students and Well-Being/School Psychologist
Contact 802-583-8167
Nathan Furlong Photography
Contact 802-583-8170
Alyssa Gagne Reading Interventionist
Contact 802-583-8131
Tim Gershon World Language Teacher
Contact 802-583-8298
Wendy Gilbert Administrative Assistant to the Co-Principals
Contact 802-583-8184
Nicholas Gordon Social Studies Teacher Middle School
Contact 802-583-8289
Marcus Grace World Language Teacher
Contact 802-583-8285
Rebecca Green Food Service Assistant
Contact 802-882-1169
Melissa Greenwood Instructional Assistant
Justin Griffith Technology Assistant
Contact 802-583-8157
Taggert Haslam Technology Coordinator
Contact 802-583-8181
Matt Henchen Social Studies Teacher
Contact 802-583-8287
Liz Hepp Administrative Asst., Middle School
Contact 802-583-8163
Tracy Holden Superintendent of Maintenance and Ground
Contact 802-583-8182
Jean Hubbell
Contact 802-244-5186 ext.1212
Vicki Hummer Special Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8183
Jonah Ibson English Teacher
Contact 802-583-8277
Sarah Ibson Social Studies Teacher - Middle School
Contact 802-583-8294
Sally Ji Instructional Assistant
Tara Kelley Math Teacher
Contact 802-583-8299
Kevin Kelly Math Teacher
Contact 802-583-8282
Elizabeth King Special Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8146
Paul Kramer English / Humanities Teacher
Contact 802-583-8186
Sam Krotinger Assistant Principal
Contact 802-583-8176
Danielle LaFlamme Athletic Trainer/Asst. Athletic Director
Contact 802-583-8140
Tedin Lange English Teacher
Contact 802-583-8300
Chris Langevin Athletic/Activities Director
Contact 802-583-8137
Eric Larose Student Support Specialist, 117 Coordinator
Contact 802-583-8148
Susan Laskaris Registrar
Contact 802-583-8180
Paige Lavanway Paraeducator
Drew Lucier Physical Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8180
Dana MacDonald Special Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8141
Rob MacLeod Social Studies Teacher
Contact 802-583-8292
Elizabeth Managan Special Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8145
Sally McCarthy Director of School Counseling
Contact 802-583-8175
Jacki McCarty English Teacher - Middle School
Contact 802-583-8273
Ryan McCormick Social Studies Teacher
Contact 802-583-8293
Doug Mcdermet Speech Language Pathologist
Contact 802-583-8142
Kristi McKnight Science Teacher
Contact 802-583-8283
Scott Mead Special Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8177
Brian Moody Health & Wellness Teacher
Contact 802-583-8261
Wendy Moore 8th Grade Science
Contact 802-583-8302
Ryan Morra HCLC
Contact 802-583-8186
Paul Morris Food Service Director
Contact 802-583-8171
Dan Morse English Teacher
Contact 802-583-8268
Donna Mullins Paraeducator
Keith Mullins Driver Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8280
Nancy Myrto Receptionist
Contact 802-583-8169
Jeff Ogden Special Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8154
Laurie Patterson Special Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8161
Duane Pierson Middle School Principle
Contact 802-583-8144
Katelin Pike Physical Education Teacher
Contact 802-583-8159
Bill Poderzay
Contact 802-583-8136
Jon Potts English Teacher - Middle School
Contact 802-583-8276
Rachael Potts Employment Specialist
Contact 802-583-8173
Mari Pratt Student Support Assistant
Steve Rand English Teacher
Contact 802-583-8296
Wendy Rand Art Teacher
Contact 802-583-8185
Alex Rawson Science Teacher
Contact 802-583-8257
Megan Reed Library Media Specialist
Contact 802-583-8166
Jason Reichert Math Teacher
Contact 802-583-8274
Andrew Reid Science Teacher
Contact 802-583-8259
Chris Rivers Instrumental Music Teacher
Contact 802-583-8138
Adam Sargent Social Studies Teacher
Contact 802-583-8256
Barbara Saxe Literacy Interventionist Coordinator
Contact 802-583-8133
Jill Schwenderman Paraeducator
Contact 802-244-5186 ext 1267
Angela Selvaggio Science Teacher - Middle School
Contact 802-583-8260
Greg Shepler Social Studies Teacher
Contact 802-583-8271
Curtis Siegmann Technology Coordinator in Education
Contact 802-583-8139
Bruce Sklar Jazz Studies Teacher
Contact 802-583-8263
Emily Smith World Language Teacher
Contact 802-583-8270
Kate Stauss English Teacher
Contact 802-583-8278
Tom Strasser Math Teacher
Contact 802-583-8301
Lisa Therrien Math Teacher
Contact 802-583-8284
Malcolm Towne Custodian
Heidi Turgeon-Baird Alternative Program Teacher
Contact 802-583-8272
Chelsea Turley Science Teacher
Contact 802-583-8265
Christopher Urban World Language Teacher
Contact 802-583-8266
Mara Urban Student Assistance Professional
Contact 802-583-8165
Krista Verriotto Art Teacher
Contact 802-583-8160
Brian Wagner Science Teacher - Middle School
Contact 802-583-8262
Alison Watt Speech-Language Pathologist
Contact 802-583-8130
Stefanie Weigand Vocal Music Teacher
Contact 802-882-1159
Chris Whalen English Teacher
Contact 802-583-8267
Hillary Wheeler Student Support Services
Contact 802-583-8150
Susan Whitehair Paraeducator
Contact 802-583-8297
Kendra Wobby Math Teacher - Middle School
Contact 802-583-8281
Mary Woods World Language Teacher
Contact 802-583-8286
Michael Woods Director of Student Services
Contact 802-583-8168