"It is the mission of Harwood Union High School to provide an educational and creative environment in which every person is valued as an individual, challenged as a learner and inspired to contribute to a democratic society. As a professional learning organization of all academic departments, we are prepared to work together in order to provide a unique and personalized learning experience for all students."


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We know that EVERYONE can be smart and succeed in mathematics. The goal of the Harwood math department is to develop student reasoning skills and problem solving capabilities. Our teaching centers around the Best Practices model for teaching mathematics. Our philosophy centers around the importance of student discourse about mathematics.

Students will be introduced to cognitively demanding tasks and engage in the Math Habits of Mind and Math Habits of Interaction. These habits of mind are based around the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices. Students are asked to engage in making sense about problems, justifying their mathematical conjectures and making mathematical generalizations. Discourse between students is structured in order to have students talk in the manner of professional mathematicians.

Students graduating from HUHS will be proficient in: Modeling, Number and Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Geometry, and, Statistics & Probability. Students will also have opportunities to explore some of these areas in more depth and extend these ideas in various elective classes.


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Department Contacts

Becky Allen, Math Teacher
802-244-5186 ext 1270 - Contact

Sarah Butler, Math Teacher
802-244-5186 ext 1273 - Contact

Carolyn Feldmann, Math Teacher
802-244-5186 ext 1265 - Contact

Tara Kelley, Math Teacher
802-244-5186 - Contact

Kevin Kelly, Math Teacher
802-244-5186 ext. 1283 - Contact

Jody Macnicoll, Math Teacher
802-244-5186 ext 1203 - Contact

Alex Rawson, Math & Science Teacher
802-244-1270 - Contact

Kendra Renz, Math Teacher - Middle School
802-244-5186 ext 1209 - Contact

Katelyn Schraml, Math Teacher Middle School
802-244-5186 ext 1214 - Contact

Teresa Smith, Math Teacher Middle School
802-244-5186 ext 1277 - Contact

Tom Strasser, Math Teacher
802-244-5186 ext 1282 - Contact

Lisa Therrien, Math Teacher
802-244-5186 ext 1205 - Contact