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HIV/AIDS Pevention Program

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):

Teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and other (STI’s) sexually transmitted infections  continue to be significant health problems for young people in Vermont.  Public health statistics and reports indicate that growing numbers of adolescents are becoming involved in behavior that puts them at risk for potentially deadly infections.

At  Harwood Union High School, we offer a comprehensive health education program that emphasizes abstinence as the only completely reliable way of preventing infection.  However, many students choose to engage in sexual activity.  According to the 2013 Harwood Union H.S. Youth Risk Behavior Survey data, 22% of ninth graders, 35% of tenth graders, 49% of eleventh graders and 63% of twelfth graders report having had sexual intercourse. Research indicates that properly used latex condoms provide some protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.  The Board of School Directors enacted a policy allowing trained faculty members to make condoms available to high school students who request them.  In making condoms available,  Harwood Union High School assumes no liability.

Condoms will be available to high school students who ask for them unless you, in your role as parent or guardian, withdraw your permission by downloading, printing, completing and submitting an opt-out form or filling out the Condom Availability Program Opt-Out Form online. Please call the health office if you do not have access to a computer/printer and would like a hard copy of the opt out form sent to you.

If you would like more information about Harwood’s health education or condom availability programs, please call the high school health office at 882-1125.




Lisa Atwood & Amy Rex

School Principals