"It is the mission of Harwood Union High School to provide an educational and creative environment in which every person is valued as an individual, challenged as a learner and inspired to contribute to a democratic society. As a professional learning organization of all academic departments, we are prepared to work together in order to provide a unique and personalized learning experience for all students."

Hall of Fame

The Harwood Union Hall of Fame is founded to honor past students, athletes, faculty, staff and friends who, through their actions, have brought distinction to Harwood Union, Waitsfield, or Waterbury High Schools and themselves.  Consideration will also be given to good sportsmanship, academic achievement, citizenship and other outstanding contributions to Harwood; to those attributes that demonstrate a lasting commitment to the mission of Harwood Union High School.

There are four types of membership in the Hall of Fame:

Charter member:  Individuals who, by the superior nature of their achievements, are inducted into the Hall of Fame in the inaugural year of this program.

Regular member:  Any former student, coach, school administrator, faculty or staff member of the Harwood community. This will include individuals from Waterbury and WaitsfieldHigh Schools

Special member:  Individuals who may have not participated in Harwood co-curricular activities, but who have distinguished themselves in their careers or professions, through their exceptional support, or individual achievement. This will include individuals from Waterbury and WaitsfieldHigh Schools

Groups as a whole:  Groups or Teams which have exceptionally distinguished themselves through high achievement and acknowledgement for Harwood through their accomplishments. This will include groups or teams from Waterbury and WaitsfieldHigh Schools

Eligibility for nomination:

1. A student is eligible for nomination at any time beginning five years after graduating from Harwood   A person who has not received a degree may be nominated, but not until five years have elapsed since he or she normally would have received a diploma.

2. Nominees must be free of public dishonor and must not have been dismissed or expelled from HarwoodUnionHigh School.

3. Nominees may also include coaches, trainers, managers, faculty and staff.  These individuals, friends, and others who could be granted “special membership” can be inducted ten years after their point of initial association with HarwoodUnionHigh School. Coaches who coach longer than ten years are eligible two years after the conclusion of their coaching career.

4. Any member of the committee nominated for membership in the Hall of Fame should have his or her name suspended for consideration for election during his or her term on the committee.

5. Once nominated, an individual will remain in nomination and will be considered for induction for 10 years, without the need for re-nomination. After the 10 year period, their name will be kept in the archive list, but will need to be re-nominated for future consideration