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VSAC: Financial Aid Forms Night

Tuesday Oct. 30th . 6:00pm-7:30pm

Join VSAC for a free Financial Aid Forms workshop. At this informal workshop, we will assist you as you file your FAFSA and Vermont state grant application.

Please be sure to create your FSA ID a few days prior to coming to the workshop. Students and parents will each need their own ID and can sign up at https://fsaid.ed.gov/npas/index.htm.

Here’s the necessary information that you will need to bring with you :

  • 2017 Federal Income Taxes,
  • Any document that lists taxed and untaxed income for 2017 including SS and/or disability,
  • Monthly Reach Up Family assistance and Food Stamps/Vermont 3 Squares,
  • Current balance of checking and savings accounts,
  • child support paid or received,
  • home value and debt,
  • farm value and debt,
  • business value and debt,
  • investment value and debt,

your email address and password, GO to: www.studentaid.gov/fsaid and get your FSA ID before coming in.

We will have laptops, internet access and plenty of time for questions and answers. 

Please meet in the library.