"It is the mission of Harwood Union High School to provide an educational and creative environment in which every person is valued as an individual, challenged as a learner and inspired to contribute to a democratic society. As a professional learning organization of all academic departments, we are prepared to work together in order to provide a unique and personalized learning experience for all students."

Upcoming Events for Students at Vermont Tech

Upcoming student Opportunities at Vermont Tech

VT Tech Try a Major Day

Nov 17 or Dec 1, 2017 at the Williston Campus and May 4, 2018 at the Randolph Center Campus For High School/Career Tech - Designed to let students experience first-hand and “try-out” Vermont Tech’s program majors alongside current students and faculty, includes complimentary lunch.  Details available at: http://www.vtc.edu/try-major-day-williston-campus


Visual Media Competition - create now and submit by Dec 13! 

This competition is for Vermont 9th- 12th grade students. Enter the ninth annual bumper sticker and/or mini video U-Tube competition - themed: “Vermont Entrepreneurship….. It’s amazing for all ages”   Cash and other prizes; deadline for entries December 13, 2017.  Awards presented at the annual 2018 Vermont Entrepreneurship Day in Montpelier, Feb 8, 2018 - at the Statehouse and Capitol Plaza Hotel.  For information: http://www.vtsbdc.org/specialty-services/youth-entrepreneurship/   or Contact: Laurel Butler @ [email protected]


Bridge Building (STEM) Competition – and Crushing

For Middle School - March 23, 2018 and High School - April 12, 2018 - Randolph Center Campus

In advance of the event competition, teams of students create Popsicle stick built bridges; judging based on aesthetics, originality of design, presentation, ultimate load carrying capacity, and predicted failure point.  No cost to enter, complimentary lunch and t-shirts - plus scholarship funds offered to top performers.  For details: http://www.vtc.edu/bridge-building-competition  Contact: John Diebold - [email protected]

Entrepreneurship Institute - socially responsible - creating solutions

For students entering 10th - 12th grades (fall 2018) Governor’s Institutes of Vermont (GIV) - residential institute hosted & co-sponsored by Vermont Tech - Randolph Center Campus - July 6 - July 12, 2018
An innovative, fun-filled “hands-on” program where students learn to develop an “entrepreneurial mindset” and what it takes to create a business or be more successful in their career pathway and the workplace. There is a business side to every career/profession. Sliding scale tuition (some pay as little as $10 for the entire week) http://www.giv.org/specialtopics/entrepreneurship/ Contact:[email protected]


Rosie’s Girls STEM Leadership Camp & Mentorship Program For girls entering 9th and 10th grades

July 8-12, 2018 - Randolph Center Campus - residential camp

A fun filled hands-on exploration of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math - plus some arts) and skilled trades to help young women become strong, powerful and more confident - and learn about potential career pathways; followed by a mentorship program. (Modeled after Rosie’s Girls Day Camps by Vermont Works for Women -VWW) - Affordable scholarships| available. http://www.vtc.edu/rosies-girls-stem-leadership-camp    

Contact: Zoe McDonald - [email protected]


Coder Camp for Girls - July 16 -20, 2018 - Williston Campus - day camp

 For girls ages 11 -17 - An experiential hands on day camp offering girls the chance to translate their creativity into a computer program using SCRATCH and other software programs plus visit innovative software development companies.   Many scholarships available.  Contact: Zoe McDonald- [email protected]  - https://www.vtc.edu/academics/majors/stem-programming/rosies-girls-stem-leadership-camp