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Harwood Union Student BYOD and Personal Device Registration

Harwood Union BYOD and Other Personal Device Registration

Harwood Union implements the registration of personal student devices including personal cell phones, tablets, notebook computers and other devices that have the ability to connect to our WiFi network.

When any device connects to our WiFi network, our Internet security system identifies the device but it does not gather, track or store any  personal information about the device. In registering a personal device it allows  the tech department to identify the owner of the device which expedites the process of communication to the owner in the event there is a problem with the device including (virus, lost within our building, inappropriate use). In registering the device the tech department is not obtaining any additional information that is not already available on our network other than the owner’s name. Without registration, we do not know who the owner of the device is.

In registering a device with the Technology Department we will require the following information.

  • Name

  • Grade Level

  • MAC address of the device for all network interfaces on the device

A MAC address may go by a different identifier and is found in different ways on various devices and systems. A typical MAC address looks like this: f9:1e:df:h1:e5:c3  Our technology staff needs to physically view this information on devices and record it. At no time is anyone searching through a personal device or viewing personal information on the device for the purposes of registration. When registering a device, the only information we are keeping on file is that which is identified above.

A printable copy of this information can be found in the Technology section of this website.


Harwood Union Technology Department