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Now Accepting Applications for Conversations from the Open Road

Conversations From the Open Road is an ethnographic media road trip for Vermont high school and college students. 6 VT high school students, 1-2 college students, a videographer and the director (9-10 of us) drive in 2 cars to a community in our country struggling with an environmental, economic, cultural, racial, or political justice 'issue'. They listen to and learn from the people on the front lines and collaboratively gather audio, video and still footage. Participants will learn a ton and also enjoy the spontaneity of what this kind of adventure inevitably entails.

Ultimately, each student creates a documentary short about some inspiring thread of people, place and struggle/act of resilience.This collection of shorts is shown at different film festivals around Vermont. (2017 collections were just shown at the Green Mountain Film Festival).

We have 3 open trips this summer:

*Detroit, June 14 - 26: What motivates people to make change?

We will be attending the Allied Media Conference and interviewing (having conversations with) youth and adults using art and media to incite change in their communities. And also learn from the many people in Detroit community who are bringing back the creative, innovative and ground-up revitalization of one of our iconic cities!

*Vermont: N.E. Kingdom and Burlington, July 16-27: Life in Vermont

We are recruiting eight Vermont high school students: 4 urban students from Winooski and 4 from other communities across Vermont. We are creating a contemporary reflection of life in Vermont. We will be based in one region of the state for 1 week, and then in Burlington for another week. We will explore how place shapes people, and in turn how communities shape the culture of a place and also what and how the common perception of VT (foliage and dairy barns and ski mountains) does to/for us? This is a partnership between Vermont Folklife Center and Conversations From the Open Road.

*Chicago, August 15-25: Fighting School Closures!

School closures are happening in many black and brown neighborhoods across our country, and is often the integral step before a city's privatizing its education via charter schools. This attack on education is part of a larger ideology that is dismantling the public good. Communities across our country are rallying to save their neighborhood school. Chicago is one of the hot spots experiencing this profound change in education. We will learn from the neighborhood that is part of a nation-wide resistance to this! This particular community led a hunger strike to oppose this corporate take-over and from people all over Chicago in the throes of this struggle.

Scholarships available APPLICATIONS ON WEBSITE. DUE APRIL 25th