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Jan 15 2017

What do you get when you cross a structured approach to solving problems that includes: defining a problem, brainstorming, researching and generating ideas, identifying criteria and constraints, exploring possibilities, making a model or prototype, evaluating the design using specifications, and communicating results with the application of a wide range of science, mathematics and technology concepts?

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Nov 21 2016

On behalf of the Harwood Union faculty and staff, I would like to share a message of thanks to all our families, and members of the 6 sending communities. In the years past, I have simply bestowed the typical wish for a warm and happy Thanksgiving holiday.  It feels different this year.  Recent events that have impacted our community and nation beckon me to deepen my message.

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Sep 06 2016

Recently, new guidelines for the implementation of Title IX regulation (34 C.F.R. § 106.33) were issued to schools across Vermont.  Since 2009, schools have been required to allow transgender and non-conforming gender students to access bathrooms and locker rooms in accordance with students’ identified gender, and to be provided the same opportunities to participate in physical education and/or co-curricular athletic activities as are all other students.  Read More.

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Sep 05 2016

Our first week of school was an incredible success. Kudos to our ML teachers, 9th grade team, and 9th grade teacher advisors for a well organized, engaging and supportive student welcome.

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