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Apr 29 2019 HU WebApp

Three Democracies 2019 Rhetorical Night
Thursday, May 23rd
6:00-7:30 PM in the Harwood Library

“For the more an honorable and worthy study was used badly by the foolishness and wickedness of dull-minded and immoral men who brought danger to their cities, the more the better citizens should have studied and practiced ways to stop them from destroying the republic.”-Cicero

“Eloquence comes not by nature or from practice but by study and education.”- Cicero

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Mar 11 2019 HU WebApp

SOCRATES CAFE! Thursday, March 28, 6- 8 pm in the HUHS Library

All members of the community are welcome to join in the dialogue on the question: “What is the relationship between success and happiness?”  Rather than being a debate or a discussion, a Socrates Café is a dialogue where participants are encouraged to listen to each other and to learn from one another.

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