Today is Jane Austen’s 239th birthday! Here are some ways to celebrate:

Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen. From The Independent.

- Check out the Guardian’s “Jane Austen in Quotes: 30 Tips for a Successful Life.”  On life: “Know your own happiness. Want for nothing but patience – or give it a more fascinating name: Call it hope.”  from Sense and Sensibility (1811)

- Read the British Library’s blog post on Northanger Abbey, Austen’s “brilliant satire on the perils of reading too much Gothic fiction.”

- Quiz your knowledge of Austen and her famous novels with 10 Questions on Jane Austen or with the Jane Austen Quiz.

- Check out the Jane Austen Centre’s “waxwork of Jane” – a wax model of Jane’s face created through the use and analysis of forensic data and eyewitness accounts.

- Fall in love with Fitzwilliam Darcy (again) with the Guardian’s 10 best Jane Austen characters.

- Write like Austen using the Jane Austen Thesaurus.  (The word “library” was used 35 times in Jane Austen’s novels!)

- Read one of her novels online – and stop by the Harwood library and check out one of her books!


The Guardian recently analyzed and organized “all-time books polls, prize winners and readers’ picks” to create this infographic of Non-Fiction Books Everyone Should ReadFrom the Guardian: “We mixed high-brow and low-brow. There are Pulitzer prize winners as well as lists from Time, the Times Literary Supplement and – of course – the Guardian, as well as the wisdom of the crowd in sources such as TheGreatestBooks, GoodReads, and AskMetafilter.”  Click the graphic to access the interactive version – filterable by genre – on the Guardian’s website.

How many of these titles have you read?