Rita Dove

The moon is in doubt
over whether to be
a man or a woman.

There’ve been rumors,
all manner of allegations,
bold claims and public lies:

He’s belligerent. She’s in a funk.
When he fades, the world teeters.
When she burgeons, crime blossoms.

O how the operatic impulse wavers!
Dip deep, my darling, into the blank pool.


Have you seen the library’s new bulletin board and display?  We’re talking about equality this month, and Harwood’s “Alliance” team took over the library bulletin board to get an important message across: Gay Rights = Human Rights.  Stop by the library and peruse their selections of GLBTQIA books from the library catalog!

Also, check out this TED Talk with presenter Ash Beckham.  She talks about how we all need to find the courage to come out of our “closets” and open up.


April is National Poetry Month!  How are you celebrating?  Here are few ideas:

Submit to the VOX Box!  Each April, Mr. Rand’s poetry class hosts a poetry competition.  How do you participate?  It’s easy!  Write a poem, bring the poem to the library, drop the poem off in the VOX box located on the display table in the library’s entrance.

* Read a Poem-A-Day.  You can sign up for poems to appear magically in your email inbox each day over at  Or you can listen to (or read!) Garrison Keillor’s famous Writer’s Almanac on NPR and learn random tidbits about literary life (like… today is William Wordsworth’s birthday, and his home, a hub of literary activity, was called “Dove Cottage.”)

* Visit a poet’s home.  Robert Frost’s quaint “stone cottage” in South Shaftsbury, Vermont is open for tours (check the hours!) or hike up the dirt road to his cabin in Ripton, Vermont.  (His cabin is owned by Middlebury College and thus is not open to the public, but if you go on a quiet day, you can sit outside, enjoy the views and pen your own poem while remembering Frost.)  Or go on a road trip to Amherst, Mass. and visit Emily Dickinson’s well-preserved home.  Go upstairs to her bedroom where she wrote most of her poems and stare longingly, as Emily may have, out the window to the village of Amherst.

* Get involved with a local poetry celebration.  Like Montpelier’s PoemCity.  Dare to bring a poem to Bear Pond’s Open Mic Night on April 17th at 7pm.

* Check out a poetry collection from your library!  The Harwood Library has an extensive collection of poetry books!  Just search for a title or author.  Or if you aren’t sure where to start, ask Dorothy or Mrs. Westbrook for help!